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16 mars 2001 5 16 /03 /mars /2001 22:32

De :  Wilhelmine_Schuettelbier
Date :  Vendredi 16, Mars 2001  22:32
Objet :  Re: [CirqueZavatars] ach, ich liebe dich tung....

wow, Herr Clavet, that will take me centuries to translate and understand what you meant....

j apprecié un francais simple avec le Satzstellung Subjekt, Objekt, Prädikat...et avec des mots je peux trouver dans mon dictionnaire mais bon...I have got quite a lot of fantasy and can work it outapproximately what you are saying....it s quite a challenge actually.
I don't want to complain, I have got no right to, I am only a visitor from an other country ...not an emmigrant or immigrant but maybe a cybergrant and I try to just "read" et me taire en future pour eviter des fautes et malcomprehensions..
Ich lese besser französisch als ich schreibe, donc, I will be a "sleeping partner" as they say in commerce....

Je te confuse Mr Clavet ? Don't worry, I am not talking to anyone particular, I am talking to myself really, Monologismus is mein Hobby. Je suis monologiste.

...cruel to be kind......(W.S.)

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