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10 janvier 2002 4 10 /01 /janvier /2002 00:29

De : Maria

Date :  Jeudi 10, Janvier 2002  0:29

Objet :  Re: Re: A propos de neige... :-)


> Ben y a moi. Enfin j'crois qu'chuis moi. Chais pus trop d'puis kek 

temps. Y a 

> eu des embrouilles de blazes. > Oué m'zaminches, c'est l'Cirque 

c'te taule !

> Zebottailleur



Bon Zebottailleur, si tu parle un francais comme ca à une

allemande qui a le mal de le comprendre elle repond avec un limerick 

anglais et meme un limerick "série"(?). I try to understand you and 

you try to understand me and we will amalgamate in a good European :))



Leg-over .....(nothing to do with legoes!)


There was a young man from Nice

Who wanted only his peace

So he locked the door

And heard and saw no more

But then arrived the fleas


The fleas sat on his head

And slept with him in bed

He itched 

And twitched

And his skin became all red


He scratched and scratched all over

And took off his winter pullover

Out came the creepy crawlies

Who inhabited the skin of Yannis

Who reckoned he got them from a "leg-over"


And what's the morale of this story

Which sounds so yuk and gory

An all-body condom

Not only at random

Should he wear when sleeping with Cory




Pour ceux qui ne comprends pas je souhaite quand-meme un "enjoyable 

leg-over", sure Rolland comprends et JMF aussi?



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